Strategy Consulting

Perhaps your organization has a project, problem, or opportunity and you know what you want to do or why you want to do it, but are seeking support regarding “how” to do it. Finding the “how” is our specialty. We provide strategy consulting, collecting and analyzing data to offer the best course of action to meet your organization’s goals.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is a tool that can be used in Strategy Consulting. It is a process where we gather relevant data, which may involve input from clients, employees, and stakeholders. Then we walk your organization through identifying your priorities for the next 3-5 years. The outcome will be a strategic plan consisting of your organization’s priorities along with activities, timelines, metrics, individuals’ responsibilities, resources needed, etc. In addition, a work plan will be provided to help incorporate the strategic plan into your daily, weekly, and monthly agenda.

Board Development and Training

One of the most essential roles of a board member is to protect the organization’s best interests. This requires a skilled and cohesive team of professionals making sound decisions based on a clear vision and mission. This can be challenging for new boards and therefore assistance may be needed to ensure a successful launch. For established boards, there are variable reasons a disruption can occur, including but not limited to a lack of knowledge regarding important policies and procedures, lawless governance, insufficient conflict management, reform issues, micromanagement, personal and political agendas, balancing risk and opportunity, and failure to cultivate board diversity. With proper training, Shannon Mason LLC will help fill in the gaps and equip board members with the necessary tools to provide effective oversight for your organization.

Executive Coaching

Are you looking for a way to boost morale and increase productivity? Executive coaching could be what you need. Executive coaching is designed to help an individual or a small group of employees/leaders to meet their fullest potential. A safe and constructive environment is created to challenge and motivate them. We will help individuals in your organization become more efficient in planning, organizing, and meeting goals while building their confidence and heightening their self-awareness. As a result, they are more likely to accelerate goal achievement, boost individual and team performance, and meet your organization’s overall mission