Wine, Curiosity, and Judgement

This week I have been harassed by one phrase: “New wine calls for new wineskins” -Jesus (Mark 2:22c). I’m pretty sure that Jesus was talking specifically about religious [...]

Washing My Hair

Today, I washed my hair during a Zoom… and I don’t even have much hair. But I really wanted it washed, and had been up working long before sunrise, and […]

Ten Commandments of Principled Leadership

I think a lot about principled leadership and what difference it makes to lead from one’s enduring core values  verses leading based on what will get the desired outcome in […]

Under the Pressure of Time

If you found out that you only had six months to live, what would you do immediately? It makes for a compelling movie plotline, but seriously… What conversations would you […]

What Crushes Also Calls

It was supposed to be a professional photoshoot. I was dragged into it, and as much as I knew that I needed to do it, I was not a fan […]