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This week I have been harassed by one phrase: “New wine calls for new wineskins” -Jesus (Mark 2:22c). I’m pretty sure that Jesus was talking specifically about religious formalism/ traditionalism. I think He was warning that we can become so attached to what is that we squander what could be. He was encouraging those who had attained station and status (those who “had arrived”) to consider “what else?”

These words actually remind me of our last RTH session in which we explored curiosity as an emotion that can exist in varying degrees, be cultivated to deepen our relationships, and make our leadership more adaptive. One of the biggest barriers to curiosity is judgment because, while curiosity is an invitation to consider what amazing thing might be happening just outside of our current framework, judgment seeks to preserve what already is. New wine calls for new wineskins.

So here is my question. Whether you have been leading for twenty years or you are just starting to establish yourself as a leader…”What else?”

Oh and SAVE THE DATE for our next Rhythms That Heal session on Saturday, March 27th at 10am! We hope to see you there!

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