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If you found out that you only had six months to live, what would you do immediately?
It makes for a compelling movie plotline, but seriously…
What conversations would you have?
What places would you visit?
What would you create?
What would you destroy?
To what would you “subscribe”?
To what would you “unsubscribe”?
To whom would you apologize?
Whose apology would no longer seem necessary?
Would you laugh more?
Would you make time to cry?
What would you buy?
What would you give away?
What if you only had six more months to lead?
Or six more months to love?
What would you focus on?
What would suddenly seem less important?
What truths would you tell?
What misunderstandings would you clarify?
What would you reconcile?
What would you break?
I once took a leadership assessment that indicated that my “thoughts are clearer under the pressure of time”. I thought it was a very sophisticated way to say that I procrastinate, but then I took a position as an interim CEO and discovered that having a little bit of time to make a big difference, was one of the most clarifying experiences of my career.  Time is rarely what we think it is. What might be possible if we always loved, lived and worked, like we only had a little time to make a big difference? Aren’t we all “pre-fired”?

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