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Some things just leave me flat-out GIDDY!

Saturday’s “Rhythms that Heal” session as one of those things. I can’t wait to reconvene in May and continue cultivating our passion projects! In the meantime, here is a reminder for those of you who attended and an invitation for those who did not attend but plan to join us again soon: We had a “Bridging Assignment” (aka HOMEWORK!).

Option 1: Conduct a Life Audit. Every day for two days write down EVERY THING that you do. On day 3 revisit the lists and asks yourself, “Which of these things do I want mentioned in my eulogy?”

Option 2: Everyday for the next 30 DAYS, spend ten minutes per day working on your passion project. That’s it. Just ten minutes a day for thirty days.

Option 3: Ask seven (7) people outside of your household: If you had to describe my impact in one sentences, what would it be.

SO, now that you know that “Multitasking is a lie” and you have given some thought to “What ideas about productivity are keeping me from producing?”…LET’S GOOOO!

We’ll be at it again on Saturday, May 22nd at 10am. In the mean time, “Dream big, but work small”!

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Saturday, May 22nd 10am-11am

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